The doors of George Town, Malaysia

The doors of George Town are a sight to behold. They come in all colors and with different edges but in the end most of them look the same. And this is what really got to me. You can start out with the same look but with a bit of creativity to arrive at something completely different. Not that I have any creative bone in my body, I just love the idea of it.

So most of the doors are made from wood, a few have some grille work, but overall it’s the uniformity which heightens the differences. Most door pictures come with the windows which are in the exact same style. It makes for such a great combo. Window, door, window. Please enjoy the doors of George Town with me. Yours, Pollybert

there is always room for a cat @George Town

the window – door combination in grey @George Town

a slightly older model but with colored window frames @George Town

totally different door and in pink @George Town

the Malayan also love dogs @George Town

simple but elegant @George Town

maybe that’s a good luck charm over the door @George Town

yellow and pink with a dashing door step in red @George Town

completely different style @George Town

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