Ballroom – damn good dumplings

On a recent Friday I finally managed to go for a late lunch to Ballroom. This new self-service restaurant has been on my radar since it opened and happily I found someone to try it with me. The restaurant comes in exactly the same colors as the website, yellow, green, and pink but looks a little bit less flashy than online. But there is the same boast on the wall that they have damn good dumplings.

dining room @Ballroom

Ballroom offers five different kinds of savory dumplings and one sweet version. The balls come in two portion sizes, six or twelve pieces. We shared two different balls, the Kürball in the vegetarian version and The Great Ball. The Kürball is filled with pumpkin (pumpkin is Kürbis in German, hence the name), tomato and walnut and has a topping of arugula, pumpkin seeds, feta, and a balsamic reduction.

Kürball with wild herbs salad @Ballroom

The balls are covered by a thin dough with lots of juicy filling. I don’t remember tasting the walnut, but the overall impressing was one of veggies. We ate the balls with chopsticks and I did not take bites, but shoved the whole ball in my mouth. It’s not too big to eat all at once. Just the crumbly topping doesn’t stay on top of it.

The other ball was The Great Ball and it really does its name honor. The filling consists of roasted pork belly and the topping comes with fried spring onions, cucumber kimchi and lime mayonnaise. The first ball is like a taste explosion in your mouth. It’s really so, so good!

The Great Ball @Ballroom

We also shared a wild herbs salad which rounds out the whole meal to something healthy. Also the dressing is fabulous and works well with the dumplings. Six balls and a salad are the perfect meal size, but I do understand if you want to try some more. You definitely need to come with friends to eat your way through the menu. Very happy to have this place in my neighborhood, especially since they also do take away and delivery. If you are into good food, you should give it a try. Yours, Pollybert


Ballroom – damn good dumplings
1090 Wien, Maria Theresien Straße 5
Tel: +43 681 815 387 47
Mon-Fri: 11:30-20:00

Update: Ballroom is open for delivery or take away. While going for a walk in my neighborhood I decided to get some dumplings for home. Was not a problem at all. The Yakuza balls (spicy shrimp and lemongrass) with salad were exactly what I needed to get me through another quarantine day.

Yakuza balls with salad @Ballroom

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