Skycab Langkawi – up in the air

Langkawi is a small island off the coast of Malaysia. The beaches there are gorgeous and even better in times like these, empty. Physical distancing is not a problem on Cenang beach. But there is only so much beach I can take before I get restless. So what’s there to do on Langkawi? Apparently a lot, but I decided to go up again. The top of Machincang mountain was the goal, but there is no need to remember the name. Until now I didn’t know it either. Just keep the Skycab in mind, because this is what you need to enter for your Grab.

The Skycab takes you up on top of the mountain and I felt right at home despite the gondola shaking a bit. I mean we were going up a mountain after all and isn’t that what we Austrians love to do in winter? I was also sitting in a Doppelmayr gondola and it can’t get any safer than this Austrian product. And that’s exactly what I told the French family I shared the cabin with, their daughter looked quite relieved after.

going up with the Skycab @Langkawi

Once we arrived on top I made my way first to the Skybridge which is the longest free span and curved bridge in the world. Who would have thought to find that in Malaysia. I guess wonders never cease.

Skybridge @Langkawi

on the other side of the skybridge @Langkawi

After I made my way across and back again with the obligatory stop for a picture on the see-through part, I ventured up to the top. The wind here was still strong, no wonder we had to wait below for 45 minutes. I guess one of the hazards of being the longest free span mono-cable car is the swing which comes with too much wind. But what does a little wind matter when the view is so fantastic?

the Skybridge from above @Langkawi

Langkawi at my feet @Malaysia

What I loved as well on top were the many, many hearts. Love here is definitely a business. You can buy your heart lock in the Skyshop and then hang it on one of the places provided for it. It will for sure last forever and I don’t even mean that sarcastic. Yours, Pollybert

your heart on a string @Langkawi

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