Lazy beach days on Langkawi

A trip to Malaysia wouldn’t be complete without some beach time. Since I had only one week for the whole vacation, planning was everything. So after three days in George Town it was time to hit the beach. After a look on the map I came up with the plan to fly to Langkawi. Pictures of white, sandy beaches and a flying time of a little over half an hour from Penang convinced me.

traveling on a small plane Langkawi @Malaysia

I arrived on Langkawi in the early afternoon and with a grab taxi got to my hotel in no time. Not really sure why I ended up booking a place 10 minutes from the beach, but it was actually quite the nice place.

Panji Panji Tropical Wooden Home @Langkawi

Free bicycles were available and after a short refreshment I started out exploring the island. Ha, got you there. No point in exploring the island when all I wanted to do was hit the beach and start reading. Wasn’t that the main reason to go to Langkawi after all?

And what can I say, the beach was exactly as I pictured it. Endless white sand and no people. On the other hand there were also no sun loungers.

Cenang Beach @Langkawi

So after looking around for a bit I found myself the perfect spot in the shade. And obviously that’s where I spent the next couple of days. Right under this palm tree, within walking distance from the next bar and the sea. Does it get any better?

the perfect spot in the shade @Langkawi

beach bar @Langkawi

And this is what happy looks like (which was a really great book by the way). Me, on the beach, without a care in the world. I really do miss a lot of things during this pandemic, but especially traveling. Yours, Pollybert

Pollybert on the beach @Langkawi

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