More impressions from my time in Malaysia

Looking back, my trip to Malaysia seems like a dream. That I could go there still in February was just plain lucky. I guess at that time I didn’t realize that Covid-19 was going to change all of our lives. This trip was originally planned as another holiday in Thailand to visit a friend. But sometimes when you make plans, karma laughs at you and changes everything. And this is how I ended up in Malaysia. In hindsight I can say, lucky me. Who knows when next I can travel to a new country?

Of course since it was the my last trip for a long time I treasure these pictures. But I also want to show you George Town and Langkawi through my eyes. There is more to it than lots of street art, historical houses or the beach. This a country which keeps you enthralled and entertained at the same time. There is so much going on, and around every corner something new to see. In any case, here some more pictures from my time in Malaysia. Yours, Pollybert

street walking @George Town

this resembles the Olympic symbols a bit, but it’s just a fixture to hang the heart locks @Langkawi

not sure if that is some artsy appliance or fungus @George Town

breakfast bar of the Panji Panji Hotel @Langkawi

fire station @George Town

view on Langkawi and the cable car @Langkawi

not sure what business the Germans had in Penang, but here we go @George Town

night market @Langkawi

clock tower in the harbor @George Town

the streets of George Town @Malaysia

Buddha at Khoo Kongsi @George Town

board walk @George Town

it’s called Blue Mansion hotel for a reason @George Town

there is nothing underneath the bridge @Langkawi

this looks like a fun a religion @George Town

wide sidewalks @George Town

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