Breakfast at Gustav Emil Paula Paula

Who would expect to go for breakfast at a hairdresser? But this is exactly what I did on a recent Saturday. If you are wondering where the name of Gustav Emil Paula Paula comes from, wonder no more. It’s the way you would spell the last name of the owners.

This family business is overall a hairdresser but has a large coffeehouse in front with a small deli section for take away. This concept of combining different businesses gets ever more popular in Vienna. What’s important to me though is the kitchen. If that works, everything else will too.

The coffeehouse is empty on this rainy Saturday morning and the cheerful enthusiasm of the waiter doesn’t make up for the lack of customers. After two months of being told to stay at home, people are finding it hard to suddenly trust this new opening policy. So the place feels kind of weird.

inside the coffeehouse @Gustav Emil Paula Paula

Nevertheless I am all happy to be out and about again and ready to order this big breakfast when a look in the menu smothers this notion. The available choices sound boring. Big, small, sweet, savory, and connoisseur breakfast are available and remind me a lot of the stuff I can eat at home. So in the end I just order a croissant with my coffee. Because isn’t one of the brothers’ a pastry chef?

The regular croissant with butter and apricot jam is fantastic. The dough has an intense buttery taste so that extra butter is not necessary. With the jam alone I am more than happy.

My friend meanwhile enjoyed his almond croissant and looked happy enough. Overall I feel that I didn’t do Gustav Emil Paula Paula justice enough and should give it another try for lunch maybe. The pastries are certainly wonderful and I would love to try the little strawberry cake I saw in the showcase. Whoever is responsible for the pastries knows what he is doing. Yours, Pollybert


Gustav Emil Paula Paula
1010 Wien Babenbergerstraße 7
Tel: +43 1 9971042
Mon-Sat: 07:30-19:30

croissants for breakfast @Gustav Email Paula Paula

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