What else to see in Stockholm

After walking around in the morning with the free walking tour, we spent the afternoon strolling around the city. Upon leaving Gamla Stan (the old town) we headed in the direction of Kungsträdgården, which is a park in Stockholm. Right next to it is the St. Jakob church in blazing red colors.

St. Jacob church @Stockholm

The park is an amazing attraction. Lots of water, and trees, and sometimes it is used for events. Like at the time we were in town, when it hosted a food truck market. Besides the market in the park, there was also a running event in the city.

Kungsträdgården @Stockholm

food truck market @Stockholm

Looking at the pool area this also appears to be a popular meeting place for the locals.

popular meeting place @Stockholm

In spring you can walk under these trees and they bloom in pink. This was totally amazing the first time I was in Stockholm.

walking under the trees @Stockholm

The metro in Stockholm is a sight to behold. There are 14 decorated stations and you can even take a guided tour. Next time I might do that. We manged at least to go down to T-Centralen and got a good look around.

T-Centralen station @Stockholm

Overall the city offers a wealth of sites that you should see when you come for a visit. Since not everything is possible it’s best to just keep your eyes open when you walk around. I don’t think that it makes sense to limit yourself to a list which you make beforehand. It’s probably the most rewarding to just walk around and find site on your own. As always I find that discovering a city on foot is the most convenient way. It’s also the easiest to see as much as possible. Yours, Pollybert

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