Breakfast at Sentepe

When the weather is not perfect on a national holiday, I rather like to stay close to home. So on this recent morning I looked for a breakfast place in my area. Sentepe seemed like an interesting choice. This small family-run Turkish bistro had an outside table available, so this was enough to lure me in.

the small outside terrace @Sentepe

The owner himself stood at the door and rattled down the breakfast choices. A regular breakfast plate with cheese and butter, omelette, or vegetarian omelette. I decided to get the regular one breakfast plate, not really knowing what I would get. But sometimes you got to take the plunge. Coffee arrived promptly within two minutes max. So far, so good.

coffee @Sentepe

When my breakfast plate arrives I am in for a surprise. The positive kind! A large wooden board with a number of small plates and bowls is set in front of me. Two different kind of cheeses, a fried egg, a cigarette borek, tomato and cucumber slices, butter, olives, two kinds of jam, and honey. What a feast!

breakfast plate @Sentepe

I start with the egg and the borek since these two are warm. When I have polished these off, I use a bit of the home-made bread to get the last bits of the egg. From there I move on to the cheese and the olives, alternating with the veggies. In the end I manage half the bread, despite being not hungry anymore. One of the jams reveals itself to be orange marmalade. Something I haven’t had in ages. And it’s so good that I just keep going.

Sentepe is the perfect family restaurant when you are in the mood for a Turkish breakfast. I love the way it was served, a lot of attention was given to details. Here the eye feasts along with the palate. Yours, Pollybert


1090 Wien, Berggasse 29
Tel: +43 664 3477064
Mon-Fri: 08:00-18:00

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