Krypt. & Die Burgermacher Pop-Up

The area along the channel boast bars and restaurants every couple of meters. The empty stretches in between usually see loads of locals sitting there in the evening hours, drinking beer bought from the roaming vendors. This is happening on one side of the channel. The other one is a bit quieter, so it’s great that the Krypt. & Die Burgermacher Pop-Up opens its ‘doors’ on the upper end of the quieter area, right across from the Badeschiff.

Pop-up beach @Krypt. & Die Burgermacher

On a Friday afternoon I left work early and met up with a friend for a drink and a burger. The menu is small when it comes to food. Three kinds of burgers, pulled pork, pulled beef, and jack fruit. As well es Fruchtzwerge (or Danonino) ice cream. No sides dishes for the burger though. This is a Pop-Up after all.

So I order a Mojitea and the pulled pork burger, while my friend orders Balis Tiki and the pulled beef burger. My drink is fantastic. I loved the sweetness of the raspberry and the sour taste from the lime. Refreshing and the perfect summer drink. It’s definitely a drink that requires one to be careful. You can’t taste the rum at all.

lemonde and Mojitea @Krypt. & Die Burgermacher

Balis Tiki is a pineapple mint concoction which has a great taste and tastes almost sugar free. Not sure if that’s true, but it’s definitely not sweet. Thus provided for, we sit in the sun loungers and wait for the burgers.

The large buns arrive full of yummy goodness with the meat partly spilling out. Maybe it’s just me, but I would have loved to get some cutlery with it. We get that ourselves at the bar though, and just have to clean it a bit. That didn’t make me happy.

pulled pork burger @Krypt. & Die Burgermacher

The burger in any case was good. The pork significantly better than the beef, but both are good. The bun is a brioche, slightly toasted and inside you have salad, red cabbage, and pickled cucumbers. Everything was well seasoned and in the end I even managed to eat the burger by hand without spilling everything. The only thing I disliked were the crispy onions on top of the meat, which are for sure store-bought. Such a shame, even though they made for a nice crunch.

Overall, this is one chilly place. The drinks are great and their menu is extensive for a Pop-Up. It’s no wonder though, the guys from the Krypt. know what they are doing. The burger as well is a classic summer food. The partnership of these two well-known players makes for a great combination. Definitely a new hot spot for the summer. Yours, Pollybert

Krypt. & Die Burgermacher
1010 Wien, Wolfgang-Schmitz-Promenade (next to the Badeschiff)
Daily: 13:00 -23:00

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