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After months in lockdown I was missing my travels so much, that I was happy to just eat exotic food. Which is the equivalent of a long trip or so. I told my friend, that I would love to eat aji again. Aji is the spicy sauce which was served in Ecuador to every dish. Each restaurant had a different version, but all tasted amazing. In the absence of an Ecuadorian restaurant she found me a Peruvian place called Salonga. At least it’s from the same continent.

outdoor seating @Salonga

We started the meal with a portion of fries, regular and sweet potatoes and all the available sauces from the menu. Unfortunately none of the sauces matched the aji from Ecuador. The best by far was the salsa although it was not a dipping sauce.

fries and sweet potatoes with dips @Salonga

My friends then both ordered empanada, one with vegetables and the other with spinach. I guess they liked it, but I heard no one raving about it.

empanada with vegetables @Salonga

I on the other hand wanted to eat something different and also with meat. So I got the Arroz Tapado, which is a formed rice with minced meat and some salsa according to the menu. The rice was formed and there was minced meat, inside of the rice dome and outside, but no salsa. It was okay, nothing special though.

Arroz tapado @Salonga

One of my friend’s was still hungry after her empanada and ordered the quinoa soup. Big mistake, this one was really boring as hell.

quinoa soup @Salonga

Best of all were the drinks though. I ordered Pisco Sour and really loved. The food was no revelation, but the drinks work. Yours, Pollybert


Salonga – Peruvian Restaurant Bar & Gallery
1080 Wien, Florianigasse 17
Tel: +43 1 9619246
Mon-Sat: 18:30-22:30h, Sun: 17:30-21:30h

Pisco Sour @Salonga

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