Breakfast at Gragger & Chorherr

It was the eggs Benedict which did it for me. The bakery Gragger & Chorherr is not really in my vicinity and quite a long way from the nearest metro station. The online picture of the eggs was so enticing that I wanted to come here. So on a cold, rainy Saturday we braved the weather and walked to the bakery.

Arriving at Gragger & Chorherr the first thing I noticed were the large bookshelves filled with books. So unexpected and I something I truly love. These shelves give the large room a warmth and a comfort which it would otherwise totally lack. Because there is nothing inviting in this bakery which bids me to stay. But the books do it for me. As well as the miserable weather.

the bookshelves in the bakery @Gragger & Chorherr

There breakfast choices are disappointing to say the least. Basically you can have a prepared plate with ham and cheese, or jam from the glass case. Apart from that you can get all the available pastries or prepared roll. I end up ordering a ham roll with horse radish, but will receive the one with pickles. Never mind, by then I was already crestfallen. So the pickle didn’t make a difference anymore.

ham roll @Gragger & Chorherr

The roll was the blandest thing I had in a while. Even though the ham was good, the roll itself was tasteless and had the consistency of cardboard. That is not at all how a roll is supposed to taste. At least I had the glorious notion to order a piece of rhubarb strawberry crumble pastry with my roll. Because the pastry was so, so good. The dough was crunchy but still soft, with an intense buttery flavor. The fruits on top had the exact right proportion taste sweet but with a tangy aftertaste. Perfect!

rhubarb strawberry crumble pie @Gragger & Chorherr

My friend had no such luck and his cheese sandwich with extra ham was underwhelming. The sandwiches at Gragger & Chorherr come warm to the table. They aren’t toasted however, instead they appear to get heated in the wood oven. The top slice of bread was dryt on top and slightly wet underneath and had all in all the appearance of a leather sole. At least the cheese was stringy.

cheese sandwich with ham @Gragger & Chorherr

Our little excursion to the Nordbahnhof area was therefore fruitless. Instead of trying a new version of eggs Benedict, I sat in a bakery with the charm of a train station with a dry ham roll. It would have been great if it said anywhere on their social media that warm breakfast is no longer available. Therefore no, I won’t come back here. Gragger & Chorherr was definitely not worth the trip. Yours, Pollybert

Gragger & Chorherr Holzofenbäckerei
1020 Wien, Schweidlgasse 25
Tel: +43 676 3401922
Mon-Sun: 07:00-19:00

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