Lifeart – street festival

Not much is happening when there is a pandemic going on. So when there is finally something happening, a lot of people come together. Which is exactly what you don’t want during a time of physical distancing. To this matter the organizers of the Lifeart festival had the great idea to incorporate unicorns.

The Austrian government has been trying the longest time to familiarize us with a baby elephant. This is the supposed distance we should keep at all times from everybody who doesn’t share our household. But honestly, who cares about an elephant? Even a small one? But a unicorn is a totally different matter. Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? So dancing at the amazing outdoor festival was only allowed if you transformed yourself into a unicorn.

a unicorn @Lifeart

Some of the unicorns parked themselves on the back benches and watched the concert from there.

unicorns waiting for the concert @Lifeart

While others brought their human partners along and danced in front of the stage. Russkaja provided the music and delivered a great show on this stage. Honestly the singer is always good entertainment.

unicorns dancing in front of the stage @Lifeart

But this outdoor concert was not the only thing going on. There was something called the ‘Holy Stage’ within the St. Ulrich Church. Here physical distancing was a lot easier since each group of people got the own bench. We stayed in the back and listened for a while to some experimental music. At least it sounded to me that way. Not sure what the parish priest thought about it, but he took lots of pictures as well. The light show was amazing and turned the church into a work of art.

inside St. Ulrich Church @Lifeart

But there was one more stage, because this was a festival after all. The Garden Stage was, as the name implied, in the garden of the next door rectory. The female performer didn’t draw as large a crowd as outside. But it was also the first performance on this stage of the day. I am sure it got better later on but for the moment there was no unicorn dancing.

Garden Stage @Lifeart

Overall the festival was a fabulous idea and people mostly tried to keep their distance. With the unicorn’s help it wasn’t so hard after all. I do hope Lifeart Festival will come back next year. Yours, Pollybert

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