Suk Sushi-Bar

Where to go for lunch when it is really hot in the city. Normally I might suggest somewhere indoors and with AC. But in times like these it’s better to stay outside. So I decided on a restaurant next to the Naschmarkt, which is kind of a bad idea since there are no trees around. Also Suk Sushi-Bar has only three small tables next to the street, but food makes up for all of this.

outdoor seating @Suk Sushi-Bar

This small sushi bar looks rather unassuming and maybe not so inviting. Very wrong, this place should not be passed due to looks. We shared a couple of great appetizers and a rather mediocre teriyaki dish (not something I usually order). But let’s start in order.

Paying tribute to the hot weather I got Kimchi, Agedashi tofu, and Sunomono with salad. All three dishes were excellent. I especially loved the Agedashi tofu which despite being deep-fried was light and crisp. However all three were perfect for this hot weather.

Kimchi @Suk Sushi-Bar

Agedashi tofu @Suk Sushi-Bar

Sunomono salad with salmon @Suk Sushi-Bar

I was more than happy with these three dishes which really worked well in the heat. But then we still had the Teriyaki tuna ahead of us. Teriyaki is already not my favorite. I do find the sauce overly sweet and cloying. Then there is also the problem with the tuna. This can’t be good when the tuna is cooked all the way through. But you know how it is when you share food. Each one can order something.

tuna Teriyaki with salad @Suk Sushi-Bar

Since the Teriyaki was a miss, the salad is in the foreground. I am not really sure what this yellow dressing on top was, but the color was spectacular. The taste was bland though and didn’t resemble the color at all. So no fireworks here at all unfortunately. Which was really too bad since everything was so delicious. On the other hand the Teriyaki will not keep me from Suk Sushi-Bar. This small hole-in-the-wall place is a gem, which I plan to frequent often. Yours, Pollybert

Suk Sushi-Bar
1060 Wien, Linke Wienzeile 22
Tel: +43 1 5817715

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