A weekend in Athens during summer

One would think that a weekend in Athens in summer time isn’t such a great idea. I mean it’s hot and sweaty and most people will have left the city. But all of this is also an advantage when you want to visit said city. Less people, shorter lines, lower risk of catching a virus. Also, as was the case with my trip, I had no choice. The airline ticket had been bought and only after that the problem with the ferry tickets arose. So after a week on Milos, a weekend in Athens it was.

Due to the warm weather I decided to splurge and got myself a really nice hotel with pool. The Electra Metropolis Athens is right in the center of Plaka, has a pool on the rooftop and an amazing view on the Acropolis. What more can you want?

the pool on top of the Electra Metropolis Hotel @Athens

Acropolis @Athens

Athens of course has a rich history and it’s worth your time to explore it in detail. Especially now when the pandemic is still in full swing and lots of people can’t travel. Keep your distance but keep watching. There is so much to discover and it’s even better now with fewer tourists. And I did just that during my two days in the city.

I booked a free walking tour, headed up to the Acropolis, and paid a visit to the National Archeological Museum. The pandemic left it’s traces also in the sightseeing department, but it’s still interesting to do all this once you forget you have a mask on. But then of course you don’t need to go inside a museum. You can just stroll around and soak up the atmosphere of Athens.

Panathinaikon stadion, built for first modern Olympic Games @Athens

looking down on Athens from the Acropolis @Athens

bronze statue of horse and jockey from about 140 BC @Athens

So even though you might think that a detour to Athens is a waste of time, let me assure you, it is not. The city charmed me with all its historic sites and my roof top pool provided a welcome reprieve from the heat. Yours, Pollybert

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