A quick stop in Levoča

We were nearing the end of our road trip and that was also visible in the stops we had per day. After leaving Košice in the morning, a visit to the Spiš Castle in the afternoon, there was one more stop on this day. Levoča. I love it when you are on a road trip and basically all your stops are anyway on your route. Levoča is a small town with a large historical center. After our tour I really appreciate these large historic centers. It’s wonderful to have so much space. No wonder then that Levoča is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Levoča has a really beautiful town hall, which I am not sure you can visit. It was anyway to late for us. So pictures alone must suffice.

the tower of the town hall @Levoča

the rest of the town hall @Levoča

But we did manage a guided tour of the local church, the Basilica of St. James, which has the highest wooden altar in the world. And so many other alters. I think it was 16 in total. So the whole church has alters lined up all around and a couple of benches in the middle. Interesting enough it still looks stark. There is not a lot of gold in here and everything looks rather dark and drab. I really don’t know why, because the online pictures show something different (Bazilika sv. Jakuba).

the tower of the Basilica St. James @Levoča

inside the Basilica St. James @Levoča

Between the church and the city hall stands a huge cage which used to hold convicts in former times. To let them realize their shame and give the ‘good people’ a chance to see what happens when you don’t follow the law. What a miserable thing to do. At least one could move around inside but I don’t even want to know how long people had to stay inside.

Cage of Shame @Levoča

But really best of all was the main square, which had rather dimensions of a large rectangle with the church and the town hall in the middle. The colorful houses lining this square were absolutely fabulous. So many, so beautiful. Which was quite fantastic seeing such an abundance on great architecture in a small town like Levoča. But there must be a reason for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yours, Pollybert

look at the fabulous murals on the green house @Levoča

one side of the square @Levoča

and the other side @Levoča

lots of place to sit down for a coffee and admire the architecture @Levoča

lots of green in the middle of the square @Levoča

check out the details on this facade @Levoča

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