Why Spiš Castle leaves you breathless

There are two reasons why Spiš Castle leaves you breathless. First, it’s quite the steep walk up there and second, the view is fantastic. You have to get to the top first before you can enjoy the second. Upon leaving Košice around noon we headed straight to Spiš Castle which was on the way to our next overnight location. You can see the castle already from afar but still we managed to drive past it. That’s what you get when you trust your GPS. In the end we arrived there the old-fashioned way, we followed the signs.

Spiš Castle from afar @Slovakia

Once you park underneath the cast, which was for a change free, you walk up a steep hill to get to the entrance. On a road trip it is always wise to plan castle stops in between to get some excercise. Otherwise all you do is sit in the car.

walking up to Spiš Castle @Slovakia

While walking up we already appreciated how this castle sat atop the rock. Just look how it is looming above us.

Spiš Castle is sitting on a rock @Slovakia

Spiš Castle has quite a history behind itself since it was built in the 12th century. Hungarian kings, a couple nobles families and in the end the State of Czechoslovakia held the castle. Of course now it is the state of Slovakia. Once you arrive on top and get your ticket, there is another hill to climb.

the way up to the first gate @Spiš Castle

The moment you get closer to the first gate the view already impresses. So you take a moment and look because you need to find your breath anyways.

almost at the first gate @Spiš Castle

Once on top and it is a still rather long from the first gate, there comes of course a second one and then more stairs and so on, and so on, you have an amazing view on this really large structural castle. Just look at the walls, I mean, look how far they reach. Spiš Castle must have been so easy to defend. With water inside it seems almost impregnable. The Csáky family abandoned the castle though because it was not comfortable enough. In the end part of it burned down, which started either through lightning or was man-made to reduce taxes. Not really the most charming way to go for such an impressive building.

the castle walls are far below @Spiš Castle

There is really not much left inside to see. A small museum shows torture instruments and there is a model on how the castle looked before it fell into ruins. Best of all is the tower on top, which is still standing (or has been renovated). In any case, Spiš Castle is worth a visit. Yours, Pollybert

you can see all around from the top @Spiš Castle

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