Breakfast at Le Pic Brasserie

Vienna appears to get swamped with new French restaurants, or as the French call them, bistros and brasseries. After the delicious breakfast at Ma Belle I was interested to see what Le Pic created for the morning meal. Le Pic tries hard to create French chic. I am just not sure if it really works, all the places I have been to in France are rather less well put together. Never mind though, it comes across as cozy with a touch of trying too hard. It’s a bit weird though, especially that bottles of mineral water were already on the table. When we have the best tap water in the world! Le Pic feels remarkably like a tourist trap.

dining room @Le Pic Brasserie

another corner of the dining room @Le Pic Brasserie

The menu then reads rather uninspired, so my friend gets a croissant with everything, while I order the avocado toast with a poached egg. The croissant is great. Even though my companion is a bit grumpy, after a while he manages a compliment for it. So the French charm worked here.

croissant with everything @Le Pic Brasserie

The avocado toast was very tasty as well. But the bread was so crunchy that it’s easier to eat by hand than with cutlery. I was also happy with the many green onions on top, but this was because I went home afterwards. In case you have different plans, beware! The poached egg looked as if it lost a lot of egg white in the pot and the yolk was no longer liquid. Which simplifies eating the toast by hand but is not the purpose of a poached egg.

avocado toast with a poached egg @Le Pic Brasserie

In the end, I can’t help myself, the restaurant is kind of weird. There was a lot of noise coming out of the kitchen that morning. And that despite the early hour and only three occupied tables. The whole place has a strange vibe in a way, starting with the mineral water bottles already on the table, and ending with the lackluster menu. Maybe it was just me and I had an ‘off’ morning, or maybe it is the restaurant (as also mentioned by another friend). I guess it was the restaurant after all. I don’t think Le Pic is my kind of place, I never felt comfortable here. Yours, Pollybert


Le Pic Brasserie
1010 Wien, Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Platz 3
Tel: +43 676 4400735
Mon-Thu: 08:00-01:00, Fri-Sat: 08:00-03:00, Sun: 09:00-23:00

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