Despite Hungary being just around the corner from Vienna, there are not a lot of Hungarian restaurants in the city. Or is that because the Austrian cuisine absorbed all the best dishes in its food repertoire? In any case on one of the last evenings before the second lock down in Austria, we went to Piroschka.

The name says it all and the restaurant is exactly like you would imagine an old Hungarian placesomewhere in the country. It has a lot of folklore charm but it gets a bit much after a while. It does fit with the overall impression of the restaurant though. The food and the decoration go really hand in hand.

dining room @Piroschka

None of us ordered a starter because we all wanted a dessert. It’s definitely a wise decision if you are not very hungry, because the portions at Piroschka are more than generous. We had one Schmankerl-Teller, which is basically the goulash sauce without the meat and small spaetzle (dumplings). It looked great and tasted even better.

Schmankerl-Teller @Piroschka

We also ordered Bulgur-Ratatouille Stew the Hungarian way, which looked exactly the same as the Reisfleisch (rice-meat stew), except the first one was without meat. The dishes came in huge soup bowls and had spicy paprika sauce decorations on the side. The meat dish was excellent (as was the vegetarian one) but way too much and of course I finished it all.

Reisfleisch @Piroschka

Even though I was completely full at this time, everyone else ordered a dessert. Since I didn’t want to be the only one without eating any, I got a small portion of chestnut puree and whipped cream. Wise idea to get the small portion, because of course it was big enough for two. And exactly the way I like it. With lots of chocolate sauce on top.

chestnut puree with whipped cream @Piroschka

The others were also pleased with their choice, one more than the other though. It’s always sad when your first choice is finished already. Both of them got pancakes then. One version was with cheese curd and the other one chestnut puree. Fall is the season for everything chestnut. From the noises or the lack thereof I can tell you, they liked their pancakes.

pancake with cheese curd @Piroschka

pancake with chestnut puree @Piroschka

Service at Piroschka was very attentive and friendly. I am not sure if that had anything to do with us being the only customers though. But it seems like the waiter has a very sunny disposition, so it might always be the case. Piroschka is definitely a restaurant I can recommend, I will be sharing the next time though. Or take a doggy bag. Yours, Pollybert

1180 Wien, Gersthofer Straße 140
Tel: +43 1 7344234
Email: info@piroschka.at
Thu-Sat: 11:ß00-22:00, Sun: 11:00-16:00


  1. I not only liked my pancake – I loved it ;-) and I really do hope restaurants will open soon again!

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