Christmas Lights in Vienna

This year there was no traveling before Christmas. Unlike last year, when I went to Prague, I was staying in Vienna during the whole advent. So what to do while staying my own city for a change? I decided to give the Christmas lights a chance to shine in their own right. Because isn’t Vienna famous for its light fixtures during the ‘quiet time’ of the year?

This year it was quiet in Vienna. No tourists, no Christmas markets, now gatherings allowed. Therefore no loud drinking crowds. Just a couple of people who either brought their own Punsch or got an alcohol free version from one of the many coffee houses to go. Alcohol was only allowed in  sealed containers, so people started to sell the kid version of Punsch with a little extra.

Punsch with extra @Vienna

This is the way Austria works. The government passes a new law and resourceful entrepreneurs find a way around it. I like that about Austria, I am sure it’s the same everywhere in the world, but I love it nonetheless that we Austrians find a way. Because the season of Christmas is a season of coming together and celebrating with your friends. While this is difficult at the moment, there is no harm in meeting outside and having a drink together. And instead of just standing together and drinking, let’s go for a walk while imbibing. So 2020 might have changed a lot of traditions, but who says that new traditions can’t be fun as well? Merry Christmas to all of you! Yours, Pollybert

reindeer in mid air @Vienna

a curtain of light at Kohlmarkt @Vienna

looking down the Graben @Vienna

massive chandelier on the Graben @Vienna

illuminated trees along the Ring with the Burgtheater to the right @Vienna

the red balloons of the Rotenturmstraße @Vienna

no Christmas market this year, but the park in front of the city hall is decorated as usual @Vienna

a snowman of light in the city hall park @Vienna

dancing lights with snowflakes on the Kärntner Straße @Vienna

a crown of light in the Habsburgergasse @Vienna

a Christmas tree inside the courtyard of Palais Harrach @Vienna

Stephansplatz with its magnificent Christmas tree @Vienna

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