Popsugar Reading Challenge 2021

The new reading challenge from Popsugar is here again. I published it already the last couple of years, for myself this challenge is more a cue giver on what to read than to finish it. I love following the online discussions which book to read for which prompt. That gives me so many ideas and suggestions and my TBR pile is growing longer and longer. It’s fun to be part of a large community of book nerds and most of them have incredible ideas for new reads. If you need to stimulate your book senses, click here for the years 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

If you are following through with thechallenge, let me know. Also, book recommendations are always welcome! The books I loved the most in 2020 were ‘The Fortunate Ones’, The Words I never Wrote’, and ‘Vox’ (all of them reviewed here). Interesting, I think I read them all while on vacation in Malaysia. Most entertaining were the books from Elle Kennedy. According to my book list of 2020 I managed eight books from her. It’s so much fun to read Young Adult Literature, these are books which manage to keep me up at night, although I have to go to work.

In any case, here is the Popsugar Reading Challenge for 2021. Let’s see how many books I can cross off this year. Have fun my fellow readers and let me know how you are faring. Yours, Pollybert

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