The doors of Venice

The doors of Venice look sturdy, wooden, and dark. Some of them had a safety board in front to hold of ‘Acqua Alta‘. Not that there was any during my time in Venice, but I guess better safe than sorry. What I liked most was the lofty top of the doors. It’s beautiful when you can see a bit of a garden shining through. Light and green color, I wish we would see that more here in Austria, but it appears to be only in warmer regions. If some doors look crooked it’s due to my photo taking skills and the narrow alleys. Sometimes there is just not enough space to take pictures. In any case, please enjoy. Yours, Pollybert

see through on top @Venice

glass door behind iron grille @Venice

lots of green around this door @Venice

flowers and an angel @Venice

two of the same @Venice

an iron door with cut outs @Venice

plain brown wooden door @Venice

two large wooden doors @Venice

strong iron door with a saint on top @Venice

the door inside the portal is lopsided @Venice

an iron grille door leading into a courtyard @Venice

notice the continuous numbering @Venice

you need a boat to use this door @Venice

safety guard for ‘Acqua Alta’ @Venice

iron grille garden door @Venice

simple wooden door @Venice

green door with a little inlay @Venice

Here is my favorite picture of a door in Venice. It’s not so much the door but the overhead shadow of the laundry which make it special.

laundry hanging @Venice


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