What I learned in Venice

Looking back now, I can’t stress enough how grateful I am that I managed to visit Venice in September. Sometimes one really is at the right time in the right place. Just a couple of weeks later  everything was closed again. I started this ‘What I learned in Venice’ post while I was sitting on the Campo San Barnaba drinking Campari Spritz. This drink, more than any other, represents summer to me. Which I miss as well at moment. So this post appears to be more about all the stuff I miss, even though I am confident that traveling will be possible again. Anyways, let’s not go there. This is about Venice and what I learned while spending a weekend there. Yours, Pollybert

Campari spritz on the Camp San Barnaba @Venice

1.) Although it’s a city and it was already September Venice has a lot of mosquitoes. Most of them were probably in my room.

2.) Apparently lots of Venetians have dogs. Because upon arriving in the morning and while walking to my hotel I saw a lot of people taking their dogs out. They definitely didn’t look like tourists.

3.) I think it’s best to google each restaurant before stepping into it. Masses of people can’t err that much when it comes to food.

4.) Alcohol for lunch makes the day go by in a blur.

5.) Sometimes it’s great to have no plan and just get lost in a city.

6.) Who knew that Venice has so many churches, namely about 200.

7.) Public transport by boat is expensive. It makes sense to get a day pass if you want to see more.

8.) I love my old guide books which tend to have lots of pictures but also suggest walking routes inside. The problem is only that the guide book already weighs at least one kilo. So it is just way too heavy to carry around all day. Especially considering all the other stuff in my handbag (a book and my e-reader are necessities I can’t do without, as is my external battery).

9.) The Venetians are very disciplined when it comes to mask wearing.

10.) When there is no cover charge in a restaurant, they add automatically a service charge.

11.) Arriving by train early in the morning was the best time for discovering the city. Just a few locals about and the view from the Rialto Bridge absolutely fabulous.

the view from the Rialto Bridge early in the morning @Venice

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