Breakfast at Daniel Bakery

I don’t know what came over me to suggest a hotel breakfast at Daniel Bakery on a recent Saturday. Maybe I saw an ad on Insta that made me want to go there. Whatever it was though, I should not have listened to it. Hotel breakfast is never great and there is a reason why I usually book my hotel rooms without it. Eating here is not cheap either, it’s an all inclusive fee which you pay upon entering the breakfast area. Right at the entrance your Covid related papers are checked.

breakfast area @Daniel Bakery

Since it was another beautiful day we took our seats on the terrace. Even though it goes out to a four-lane street, the noise level is okay. A sun roof provides much needed shade during the summer months. All in all, it’s a cozy spot for breakfast. Until we had to get up and get our own food. This is exactly why I dislike buffet breakfast, I really enjoy to get my food served. That and that I like to eat it hot! Because even though the warm dishes sit under a heating lamp, everything was between cool and cold. Not so great.

warm food station @Daniel Bakery

Imagine a cold sausage and ‘Leberkäse‘, lukewarm baked beans with cinnamon, and cold veggie omelette. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy warm food.

savory breakfast plate @Daniel Bakery

Getting our coffee, tea, milk for the tea, juice, water, salt and pepper, cutlery, and place sets, required a couple of extra trips. I was already exhausted by the time I sat down and had my first bite. Only later did we notice that there was a chef available for freshly cooked eggs, omelettes, and waffles. But he was missing while I walked around and no wonder we weren’t aware.

waiting for the chef @Daniel Bakery

Since the breakfast here was no bargain, we went back for some sweet dishes. Also something I hate to do, but you feel kind of obligated after spending so much money. At least all baked goods were delicious. The slice of bread I ate with the savory dishes, as well as the croissant and the bread pudding, were just perfect. On the other hand, bread alone doesn’t make breakfast.

croissants and other baked goods @Daniel Bakery

Overall Daniel Bakery is an okay hotel breakfast spot. But who wants to start the day waiting in line to get your own food? Spend a little bit less and enjoy your breakfast while sitting and get it served hot. If that doesn’t sound a lot better than I don’t know how to help you. Also coffee comes from a capsule machine, which is quite a shame for Vienna. Maybe that convinces you. In any case, Daniel Bakery is definitely on my ‘never again list’. Yours, Pollybert


Daniel Bakery
1030 Wien, Landstraßer Gürtel 5
Tel: +43 1 90131903
Mon-Sun: 06:30-01:00

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