Breakfast at Das Vivet – Coffee Eatery Bar

‘Das Vivet’ looked very inviting when we took our seat inside right next to the large window. The Eatery has a small terrace outside, but on this wet morning there was not a chance for an outdoor breakfast. But indoors it’s fun as well, with a nod to the monarchy on the wall and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. While we waited for coffee, a guy with a stroller stopped in front and asked for a coffee to go. Not a problem here, everyone was super friendly, ‘Das Vivet’ appears to be the perfect neighborhood spot.

dining room @Das Vivet

The coffee was good and really quickly put in front of us. We ordered Eggs Florentine for me (what a surprise) and a spicy omelette for companion. The twist at ‘Das Vivet’ is that the Eggs Florentine are really Eggs Benedict. Because they come with spinach and bacon. To add to the innovations, the eggs here come with a rouge Hollandaise and are served on rye bread. I was looking forward to this creation, it sounded definitely interesting.

Eggs Florentine @Das Vivet

Unfortunately it didn’t look that good, and neither tasted that special. The red Hollandaise has a rather unappealing appearance, especially since it clashed with the red of the tomatoes. Furthermore the sauce tasted like liquid mayonnaise. Can’t be sure if it’s the ingredients or the cocktail sauce look, in any case the sauce just didn’t taste good.

There was plenty of spinach and it was well seasoned. Too bad that cooking water from the spinach turned the bread into a mushy substance which was downright disgusting. It had the feel and look of predigested food. And the bacon was limp. A little bit of crunch goes a long way when everything else feels like food for dentures. So no, there is no need to go to ‘Das Vivet’ for their Eggs Florentine.

The spicy omelette fared a lot better. It looked pretty, the spice packed a punch, and my companion only complained about the bread roll. A slice of bread would have worked better here in his opinion. The mixture of chorizo, feta, jalapeños, topped with arugula was a good start into the weekend. You’re definitely awake after eating the omelette.

spicy omelette @Das Vivet

Interestingly enough though my friend ordered a bagel after his omelette. Maybe he was not happy enough with it, or maybe still hungry. Who knows? In the end he got a salmon bagel. The bagel was a bun in the form of a bagel. But only on top, the hole in the bottom was missing. ‘Das Vivet’ seems to be quite innovative when it comes to food creations. Anyway, the bagel was a winner. Filled with lemon cream-cheese, arugula, tomatoes, and chili-mayo besides the smoked salmon turned out to be a great combination. Especially after the very unsatisfying bagel experience at Clementine im Glashaus.

salmon bagel @Das Vivet

‘Das Vivet’ has a good atmosphere and people are genuinely nice. It also appears to be very popular with the locals which is always a great indicator. You have to give the kitchen points for creativity, just the execution still needs some working done. Let’s give it some time. Meanwhile stick to the simpler things on the menu. Yours, Pollybert


Das Vivet
1070 Wien, Westbahnstraße 21
Tel: +43 1 2939124
Tue-Sat: 08:00-24:00, Sun: 08:00-18:00

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