A garden full of roses

The Volksgarten in Vienna has been my go-to destination during lock down. My friend and I walked through this park every week without fail, to get some exercise and to catch up. As the name Volksgarten already suggests, it is the park for the people. As bleak as it looks in winter, with all the rose bushes bundled up, it looks a bit better in spring. But the park shines brightest during summer time when all roses are in bloom.

the roses are in full bloom @Volksgarten

Of course, even though forbidden, we step on the lawn to smell the roses. Not all of them do but some have indeed a heady fragrance. What I like best however are the manifold colors. Some roses come multicolored and some in just one bright color. But all of them so beautiful that I couldn’t cease taking pictures.

don’t step on the lawn @Volksgarten

So these beauties must be shown to the world and not just veg out on my iPhone. Here we go then, the loveliest roses from Vienna. Yours, Pollybert

PS: I found a blog which describes the different varieties of roses if you are interested.

symphony in orange @Volksgarten

vibrant pink @Volksgarten

full bloom in blush @Volksgarten

two-tone colored rose @Volksgarten

red roses are for love @Volksgarten

a full white rose @Volksgarten

‘Singles’ rose in pink @Volksgarten

this looks like a ‘Double’ rose in two pastel colors @Volksgarten

rose bushes in the Volksgarten, each dedicated to someone @Wien

perfect blush @Volksgarten

a symphony in peach @Volksgarten

cream colored rose @Volksgarten

the perfect rose @Volksgarten

purple rose @Volksgarten

a bead of yellow @Volksgarten

a ‘semi-double’ rose @Volksgarten

a sea of roses @Volksgarten

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