More impressions of Lithuania

Traveling through Lithuania was amazing. I started in Vilnius, from there I took the train to Kaunas, then on with the bus to Klaipeda, with the boat to Nida, then again with the bus to Palanga and Siaulia, and last but not least with the train back to Vilnius. Of course I took loads of pictures and some of them haven’t made it into my posts. Therefore I would like to share the best of the rest with you.

I saw a black and white picture of the St. Michael the Archangel’s Church in the hotel and figured that I had to give it a try. It actually came out quite okay.

St. Michael the Archangel’s Church @Kaunas

All cities in Lithuania had a lot of sculptures. One feels like as if there is an art project going on and as a tourist one just needs to follow the crumbs. Siauliai, a city with a lot of industrial feel, featured the most sculptures. Here a couple of examples.

looks like a chicken with red lips on a house @Siauliai

a lizard hanging from a tree @Siauliai

The sculptures in Vilnius had a more intellectual touch. Like this dog which I came across on my way to the Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fights.

intellectual looking dog @Vilnius

All sculptures and monuments need a good cleaning from time to time. And this is done in a very professional manner.

Monument to Grand Duke Gediminas getting dusted @Vilnius

This red brick church in contrast to the wall of green made me pause in Kaunas for a moment to take a picture. The colors are remarkable.

red, green, and blue @Kaunas

Also in Kaunas, while walking along the Liberty Boulevard, I noticed this overhead fixture. There was a plaque nearby with information about, but apparently I forget to take a picture of that. I do have one though of the overhead fixture which looked amazing.

overhead fixture @Kaunas

In Klaipeda the monuments are different. They don’t do small and dainty. I am not really sure what that was all about either, but it’s just humongous in size.

stone monument @Klaipeda

But also these houses, and especially their roofs, made me look up a lot in Klaipeda. Such interesting forms.

interesting houses @Klaipeda

Right around the corner from my hotel in Vilnius there was an alley with mural art. Not really sure if you call it that or a wall full of art. But see yourself.

an alley with mural art @Vilnius

the different art objects from close-up @Vilnius

Don’t you think that the Cathedral of Siauliai looks as if it could be part of the Castle Neuschwanstein?

Cathedral of Siauliai @Lithuania

How the Hill of Crosses really felt @Siauliai

The street art of Kaunas alone is worth a visit. And once the city is ready and done with all the renovations it will be great fun exploring it. But even in it’s current state I loved what I found.

beautiful old building with colorful house in front @Kaunas

While waiting for the rotating bridge in Klaipeda, I saw a dark form climbing out of the water.

something dark is coming out of the water @Klaipeda

Even though this is in Vilnius, it definitely has some French appeal.

the French flair of Vilnius @Lithuania

Looking at my pictures I notice that I had a lot of rainy days. Or at least overcast days. I can’t remember if it really rained so much.

relaxing on the beach @Nida

The Pažaislis monastery is next to the Ninth Fort another excursion worth your time when in Kaunas. Unfortunately it was closed when I was there, not really sure why. But apparently also monasteries can take a day off. It’s close to the Kaunas lagoon, which is full of small sail boats. A meal in the nearby Yacht club makes for nice break.

Pažaislis monastery @Kaunas

Kaunas lagoon @Lithuania

In a park in park in Kaunas I saw this wooden post on top of which Jesus sat underneath an umbrella. As different as it is, it’s also quite beautiful.

a sitting Jesus underneath a shelter @Kaunas

Even though it was summer, I think these were the only flowers I saw during my trip. At least the only ones I really noticed. Yours, Pollybert

flower market near the Hall Market @Vilnius

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