Breakfast at P’AM Roastery

P’AM roastery is a small place with a couple of tables to sit at. It’s not comfortable and the tables are really quite close to the next. Something I abhor, no matter if we have a pandemic or not. The food does look inviting though, especially on this grey morning when I looked in from the outside.

P’AM Roastery @Wien

P’AM has a unique concept with bagels and breakfast in the AM and drinks and craft beer in the PM. It’s also a gallery and a shop. Not sure how that all fits into this small space. I was interested in the bagels, something that’s not so readily available in Vienna and mostly not really great. Both my friend and I got bagels, him in the classic version with ham and cheese and a few veggies, while I decided to try the ‘veganoush’ Bagel with hummus, smoked eggplant, pepper and walnuts. To glam it up I ordered extra feta to be put inside the bagel.

bagel breakfast @P’AM Roastery

Both bagels looked delicious and came with a lot of salad on the side. This is a real big breakfast and quite healthy with all the vitamins. To put it bluntly, the bagel is not a bagel in my opinion. It has the consistency as any other pumpkin seed roll in Vienna. But it’s lacking the typical taste and chewyness of a real bagel. Never mind, besides that the bagel was great. Not easy to eat, I give you that, but tastewise a winner. So was the classic bagel. Both of us were happy with our meal.

a close up of the ‘veganoush’ bagel @P’AM Roastery

And since this is a roastery, let’s talk about the coffee for the moment. I loved how smooth it tasted, rather on the light side though. It lacked a bit of depth, but at least it wasn’t sour. Overall quite nice cup of coffee.

P’AM also has a lot of sweet pastries and cakes which look and smell enticing. I don’t know what came over my friend, but we got an almond croissant and a slice of San Sebastian Cheesecake. The croissant was not my favorite, I definitely had better ones. The liquid almond sauce which dribbled on my chin when I took a bite was not to my liking. I prefer it when the almond paste stays solid. The cheesecake on the other hand was silky and soft with a rich flavor. The accompanying strawberry jam is not necessary in my opinion. The cake shines on it its own. Yours, Pollybert


P’AM Roastery
1070 Wien, Kirchengasse 17
Tel: +43 660 7377761
Mon-Thu: 07:30-19:30, Fri-Sat: 07:30-21:00, Sun: 07:30-18:00

San Sebastian cheesecake and almond croissant @P’AM Roastery

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