Breakfast at Figar – update

I am not really sure how to categorize Figar. It’s not a coffeehouse, because it’s definitely lacking comfort, but it’s also not a hipster lounge bar. It’s probably something in between. Years ago, shortly after its opening, I came for breakfast and really enjoyed it. I was in the mood for some good food, therefore it was time for another visit. The interior looks about the same, slightly more shabby though, and on the whole a lot darker. The gloomy mood comes from the construction site right outside which takes away the little natural light there is in winter.

interior @Figar

The place was still empty at 9am, but with 15-20 minutes most tables were filled. Despite the early hour and the whole street under construction, Figar is a popular place. Eggs Benedict have also arrived at Figar, but we went with a breakfast burger for my friend and a toasted avocado bread with a poached egg for me. The breakfast has kept its high standard over the years. One has to mix things up a bit.

The breakfast burger comes indeed two eggs sunny side up, arugula, avocado, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and homemade tomato-chili jam. Plus a choice of bacon or feta cheese depending on your diet. My friend of course goes for the bacon. He is pleasantly surprised by his dish, which is too big to eat by hand without it getting super messy. The burger is tasty and gets really good remarks. 

breakfast burger @Figar

The avocado toast looks enticing with its layer of thinly sliced avocado, roasted tomatoes slices underneath, baby spinach and cream cheese all on toasted sourdough bread. The poached egg appears small and forlorn on top, once I cut into it, the egg brings its part to the meal. The toast is lovely, I really enjoy the flavor combination, and the toasted base. This is a really good breakfast meal.

avocado toast with poached egg @Figar

Too bad really that the restaurant itself is so inhospitable. I found it dark and rather drafty. The long curtain in front of the door didn’t really help with the cold and took away even more of the natural light. Service was friendly and overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable visit though. Yours, Pollybert


1070 Wien, Kirchengasse 18
Tel: +43 1 8909947
Mon–Son 9:00–22:00

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