Discovering Aberdeen during a four hour layover

Our layover in Aberdeen after coming from Orkney was only about four hours. So I can’t say it was ample time to get to know the city. It was enough though to get a first impression. Okay a second, since I already spent a Friday night here on the way to Shetland. And what I saw then, made me happy to see the city in daylight. There is a bus going directly from the airport to the center. Instead of getting off right next to the university, Robert Bruce sits on his horse in front, we went all the way to the end. Definitely not necessary, because all we did was walk back to university again.

Robert Bruce on his horse @Aberdeen

The university has colleges located all over the city. Marischal College has the king in front, while the King’s College is a bit further from the center but without a king. Around the corner from Marischal College is Aberdeen Sheriff Court. The name reminds me a bit of Robin Hood, although the sheriff there was from Nottingham.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court @Scotland

As is clearly visible from the pictures, we were not blessed with great weather. So we decided to give the Provost Skene’s House a try. It is the oldest, still standing, town house in Aberdeen and has free admission. Inside we learned a lot about the people of Aberdeen, especially the many scientists, inventors, and other famous citizens of Aberdeen. I loved that the exhibition was interactive, there was a lot to read and to do.

Provost Skene’s House @Aberdeen

But it’s the house itself you should give attention as well. One room in particular, with beautiful painted wall paneling, aroused my curiosity. I inspected each panel in detail. Too bad that the room is rather dark due to the vulnerable colors.

wall paneling in the Provost Skene’s House @Aberdeen

The center of the old town looks quite fetching and in better weather I would have loved to explore it some more.

somewhere in the center @Aberdeen

I am not sure how we reached this decision but instead of staying the center, we headed to King’s College. An easy walk of about three kilometers. After 20 minutes my friend complained so intensely that we took the next bus going in that direction. The weather was still not on our side though and we basically saw nothing. We did pass through High Street though which the college grounds. The cobbled street looked as if it has been around for some time.

High Street @Aberdeen

We actually had a goal in mind when we started walking in the direction of King’s College and that was Seaton Park. In here we found Brig o’ Balgownie, a Gothic bridge from the 13th century. Some cottages right after the bridge, in Cottown of Balgownie, were built in the beginning of the 17th century. This is quite a historic area. The boys, who jumped in the water while we took pictures of the bridge, clearly wasted no though on that.

Brig o’ Balgownie @Aberdeen

it does look old @Brig o’ Balgownie

clearly Gothic this bridge @Brig o’ Balgownie

After exploring the bridge a mad dash ensued, but we managed to catch our flight. It was worth it though. Yours, Pollybert

cottage in Cottown Balgownie @Aberdeen

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