Lindau, a beautiful town on lake Constance

Lindau is an island town in lake Constance. Why the same lake is called Bodensee in German, is beyond me. But I don’t need to know everything. In any case this quaint town lies beautifully on the lake which makes for a fantastic backdrop in my pictures. After exploring Vaduz in the morning we headed to Lindau, a drive of under one hour. While walking to the center of the town, we got coffee at the Café hintere Insel and watched some lunatics going for a swim.

swimming in winter @Lindau

Just in case you don’t believe me, here is a close up. I was wearing a down coat by the way on that day.

refreshing bath @Lindau

Sorry about the bad quality of the picture, but I had to be quick, in the end the swim wasn’t very long.

Walking along the lake made for some really nice pictures. The sun was out in full and eventually the day warmed up a bit.

strolling along lake Constance @Lindau

Passing the garden center ‘Bahnhof 5‘, we stopped for a while to look at all the amazing sculptures and furniture that this shop had on display. In situation like this I wish I had a garden.

‘Bahnhof 5’ garden center @Lindau

But when I had my first look on Lindau, the idea of working in my own garden disappeared again. Traveling makes me happy and discovering new places like Lindau.

first glance on the lighthouse and Manggturm tower @Lindau

Passing the train station, an architectural highlight, we decided to stop for a drink before strolling further.

train station @Lindau

We sat down right in front of the Hotel Bayrischer Hof from where you have the best view on the harbor entrance. To the left the lion and to the right the lighthouse.

harbor entrance @Lindau

After refreshing ourselves we headed to the lighthouse, passing the Mangturm tower (see above), a historical landmark of Lindau. But it was of course the lighthouse we put the focus on.

lighthouse @Lindau

Until we left the harbor area and we entered the town itself. The houses were so beautiful, each one just amazing. One can see right away that a rich bourgeoisie had always lived in Lindau.

not sure what the short white tower is for @Lindau

beautiful old houses @Lindau

taking a peak inside a courtyard @Lindau

somewhere in the center @Lindau

colorful facade and cars @Lindau

I like the roof of the corner house @Lindau

The former city hall of Lindau is a Gothic building from 1422.

former city hall @Lindau

pedestrian zone @Lindau

Lindau was really worth the drive from Liechtenstein. The town is absolutely beautiful at every corner. We even made another stop, this time inside since it got quite cold  without the sun. The Café Augustin is a bookshop combined with a coffee shop. My favorite kind of store. Yours, Pollybert

Café Augustin @Lindau

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