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A couple of years ago I already had dinner at ‘Das Lokal im Hof’. But then it was summer and we were sitting outside. This time it was winter and we were sitting inside. We got one of the three tables on the upper floor, all of them bigger for larger groups. I felt a bit like on the offside, but service was very attentive and we never lacked for drinks.

dining room as seen from above @Das Lokal im Hof

The dishes here come all in the same size, which should invite you to share. I did exactly that and between the three of us we ordered cauliflower, caponata, and a pikeperch spring roll. The roasted cauliflower lay on a cream of cauliflower and had a BBQ glaze on top. Served with heart of salad leaves, topped with crispy garlic slices and caper popcorn, I can’t say where the promised almonds hid. I liked the dish, there was a hint of spice in the back somewhere. Overall an interesting vegetable dish.

cauliflower @Das Lokal im Hof

The pikeperch spring roll came with lentil salad, a Dijon mustard vinaigrette, hibiscus, kale, and black salsify (similar to white asparagus). The hibiscus and the kale must have a called in sick, but I couldn’t detect them anywhere. The combination of fish and lentil salad was tasty, but I would not have needed the deep fried filo around the fish. On the other hand, that was what we ordered. It clearly said spring roll on the menu.

pikeperch spring roll @Das Lokal im Hof

Last but not least we shared a bowl of Caponata. This Sicilian vegetables dish usually has a lot of eggplant inside, but also tomatoes, capers, and celery. Distinctive is its slight acidic taste which comes from the vinegar you put in at the end. The dish we got was not at all the way I remembered it. At ‘Das Lokal im Hof’ it came with eggplants, cranberries, capers, celery, and wild herbs. It also had an unpleasant dark color and was not to my liking.

The celery was uncooked, the consistency more soup like than a thick stew, and the wild herbs, not that they were needed, was a salad bouquet on top. No, not something I would order again.

Caponata @Das Lokal im Hof

But someone else ordered the Steak ‘Frites’ and fared so much better. It looked delicious and from the noises come from the other side of the table, it was by far the best dish of the evening. The flank steak, not a usual cut for the Austrian kitchen, came in a pleasing pink color and was tender and juicy. The ‘Frites’ came in form of a slice of gratin, the wedges on top were oven veggies, and a large helping of Miso Hollandaise rounded up this plate.

Steak ‘Frites’ @Das Lokal im Hof

By the way, the bread basket we shared up front was also a winner. Bread by Joseph and a large dollop of salty butter. So great to see a restaurant not serving whipped butter.

bread and butter @Das Lokal im Hof

Overall really interesting food, a lovely concept to share a meal with your friends, and great service. What more do you need when you dine out with your friends? Yours, Pollybert


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