Breakfast at Melangerie

Breakfast is really my favorite food on the weekend. So when I saw a picture of a breakfast dish at Melangerie I was instantly intrigued. What a way to serve the morning meal. Really pleasing to the eye. Not long after I made reservations for a Saturday, as you should too on the weekend, I went to test the breakfast here myself. The family owned restaurant is small with a handful of tables, which fill up quickly. Despite a relatively full house, the service was quick.

dining room @Melangerie

We got our Espressi in no time and ordered our breakfast. ‘Das Sommerliche’ (the summery breakfast) for me and ‘Das Alm’ (the mountain pasture breakfast) for my friend. To tide us over until breakfast, the coffee comes with a small piece of cake. Delicious!

coffee and cake @Melangerie

‘Das Sommerliche’ breakfast is avocado smash on toasted sour dough bread, with a an egg sunny side up, tomatoes, and I got the extra bacon with it. The egg was soft-boiled, I can’t remember any tomatoes, and the bacon was cold. Not really cool. Also even though it looks great, served on a wooden board with some kind of newspaper underneath, it’s hard to cut the bread. Overall, it definitely looked way better than it tasted.

‘Das Sommerliche’ @Melangerie

‘Das Alm’ breakfast also was not a winner. My friend disliked the spelt croissant. The sweet and savory combination didn’t work. It was unfortunately kind of dry with just the cured ham and spinach leaves underneath the scrambled eggs.

‘Das Alm’ @Melangerie

So despite the really attractive and social media ready presentation, the dishes lacked in the taste department. Apparently you can’t have it all. Yours, Pollybert


Melangerie – Caffeterie & Bistro
1080 Wien, Lerchenfelder Straße 94-98
Tel: +43 650 3650787
Mon-Sat: 08:00–20:00, Sun: 08:00–20:00

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