Breakfast at Budapest Bistro

I’ve passed Budapest Bistro already a couple of times, and I even suggested it once for dinner, I never made it inside. On this Saturday though we came for breakfast and am glad that I made a reservation. This little place in the 5th district is quite popular, since already at 9am a lot of tables were busy. The long entrance room was full and the back room was completely reserved.

dining room @Budapest Bistro

My friend had lunch plans and therefore only ordered a warm sandwich. I on the other hand had only plans for the evening, so I got the recommended ‘Budapest Frühstück’. Coffee was quick to arrive and came with a cookie in heart shape. A lovely treat to tie us over until the meal arrived.

coffee and cookie @Budapest Bistro

The warm sandwich with ham was an open-faced slice of white bread, with a bit of ham, and gratinated with a lot of cheese. Actually it looked enticing even though the toppings looked meager. Also, this is not something I would ever order for breakfast. My friend liked it and had no complains about it.

warm sandwich with ham @Budapest Bistro

My Budapest Breakfast was a plate full of tasty stuff and had so much on it that I couldn’t finish it. I loved the soft boiled egg which I ate with buttered slice of bread. So simple, so good though. Not sure what kind of bread Budapest Bistro serves, but it was excellent. I tried to finish the cold cut and cheese with the roll and the other slice of bread, but couldn’t manage it. It was a really lovely breakfast.

‘Budapest Frühstück’ @Budapest Bistro

Budapest Bistro was a lovely surprise. The menu was not exciting and the breakfast combinations were no surprise, but that was good enough. The quality of the ingredients was great and made breakfast here a winner. Definitely a place I would like to go again. Yours, Pollybert


Budapest Bistro
10050 Wien, Pilgramgasse 10
Tel: +43 699 17148736
Mon-Sun: 08:00-19:00


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