The National Park of Rio Celeste

After a great day with Desafio exploring the region around the Arenal, I had another tour booked with them to the Rio Celeste. The pick up was even earlier, at 7am, but the drive to Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio was over an hour from La Fortuna. This time we were only three people on the tour, since Judith had already left the area. The Brazilian couple,  as well as the same guide from the day before, Jason.

After driving for 45 minutes we stopped for coffee, which was wonderful since I never make any in the hostel. After about the same amount of time we arrived in front of the park and started with the hike. Rio Celeste is famous for its blue water. Shiny blue water. It has something to do with the minerals in the water of one river and more minerals in a second river. Also some gas from another river joins the Rio Celeste along the way. When the weather is sunny, the water appears even more intense. In case of rain, you are out of luck. But of course when angels travel, there is sunshine. And right away you can spot that the river Celeste is something special.

first view of the Rio Celeste @Costa Rica

Overall it was not that much of a hike, with only 2,5 km to the furthest point. But there were three steep inclines and stairs with about 250 steps. Going down these steps to the waterfall was not so bad, but going up was killing me (again). But the blue water down there with the 40m waterfall was sensational and exactly what I hoped for. We got really lucky with the weather and even had a bit of sunshine which made the blue water even shinier.

the waterfall of Rio Celeste @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

the waterfall after 250 steps down @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

Only a couple of years ago it was still allowed to swim in the Rio Celeste. But I can honestly say that this had been banned. The blue water would not pop as much with lots of people inside. From the waterfall it was a short walk, but with an incline, to the view point where you can see three volcanoes if the weather permits. Unfortunately the tops were all shrouded in mists, so no luck in this department, but never mind.

the place with the three volcanoes @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

We pushed on to the ‚Blue Lagoon‘, a place where the Rio Celeste converges with another river and therefore makes a large pool.

‘Blue Lagoon’ @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

the ‘Blue Lagoon’ continues @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

This other river has some natural gases coming out through the bottom and you can see it bubbling everywhere.

where the bubbles comes from @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

along the bubbling river @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

the crossing of the Rio Celese @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

Eventually we made it to the source of the blue color in the river. It’s a nondescript part where two rivers meet and the minerals of the one river collude with the other and then the magic happens.

where the magic begins @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

Unfortunately here was also the end of the path and we needed to get back all the way to the entrance. I had time for one last look back and then we were on our way.

last look on the Rio Celeste @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

At least there was only one really steep incline going back. All the steps we walked down, we now headed up again. I felt pretty exhausted when I made it to the top, but it’s all downhill from then on.

going up these stairs @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

Maybe not totally downhill but a lot easier than these stairs. Yours, Pollybert

the way back @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

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