All the animals of La Fortuna

Even though I had seen some animals in Tortuguero and Cahuita, I am sure with a guided tour I would have seen a lot more. Not so in the area around La Fortuna. Here I booked two guided tours with Desafio, one a combo tour around the volcano Arenal and the other to the river Celeste. And it does make a difference when a professional walks with you through a national park or if you are on your own.

Let’s take these monkey for example. Without the telescope of our guide, I wouldn’t have seen them at Mistico.

a mother with her baby @Mistico La Fortuna

I am not sure if you can see that but on this tree is a green snake. Can you see the loop on the lower left side. That is part of the snake.

a camouflaged green snake @La Fortuna

Another spectacular find was this tiny red frog, which just a blob on my picture. Honestly it didn’t look much better in reality and I am glad I even saw it. It makes a terrible racket for such a tiny creature though.

red frog @La Fortuna

Or here we saw a bird and a small gecko sharing the same part of a tree. As much as I love my phone, for animal photography it’s not the best tool. Sorry therefore that some of the pictures are quite blurred and you need to use your imagination.

a bird and a gecko climbing a tree @La Fortuna

can you see the bats? @La Fortuna

The badger on the other hand was nice enough to pose for a picture. Although I still had to be quick. He enjoyed running around and giving the tourists a show.

a posing badger @La Fortuna

Here we have a bee hive from which you see exactly nothing, if you wouldn’t know what to look for. The little wax tube is entrance to the hive.

bee hive in a tree @La Fortuna

an iguana in the Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio @Costa Rica

this is a huge snake weaving along a branch @Mistico Hanging Bridges Park

There was a yellow eyelash viper on the way down to the La Fortuna waterfall. And this time I got a close-up, not like in Cahuita, where the viper was a bit further away.

yellow eyelash viper @La Fortuna

While hiking around the Rio Celeste in the Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio I saw this empty shell of a large bug. I am not really sure what it was, but I am glad it only left the shell behind. I wouldn’t want to meet it so close with a living creature still inside. Yours, Pollybert

an empty bug shell @Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio

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