Breakfast at Dolce Pensiero

Dolce Pensiero is an Italian style bakery in the heart of Vienna. Until now I can’t say that I have been aware of Italian style baked goods except for the diverse cornettos you get at the service stations when you drive through Italy. Come to think of it, it’s probably a lot of other countries I would associate with baked goods, before I would list Italy as one. But who cares? Dolce Pensiero has been around for while and apparently it is going nowhere.

The weather was still fine, so we sat down on the terrace only to get up a couple of minutes later. Dolce Pensiero is a bakery after all and only has self-service. We ordered inside at the counter and we each got something sweet and something salty. It makes more sense to order right away before you settle at a table outside and spread your things

terrace @Dolce Pensiero

My breakfast that morning was a salmon tramezzini and a cornetto with jam. I can’t remember what my friend got, but probably more of the same. Apparently I also didn’t take any pictures of his food, so focused was I on my plate. Actually I just learned that he ate a mini brioche with prosciutto, which was okay.

tramezzini and cornetto @Dolce Pensiero

The sandwich was rather bland and boring. Honestly I found the bread too thick and not enough filling inside. The cornetto on the other hand was delicious. Buttery, flaky dough with a lot of apricot jam inside. I especially liked the course sugar on top. The coffee was tasty, exactly how you would expect it from an Italian place. Overall I can’t complain.

There were also warm breakfast dishes to be had. Inside, across the entrance, you can find a large board with the available dishes. These ones also get served. Everything else you need to carry out yourself. Dolce Pensiiero is very different from my usual breakfast haunts, but overall I liked it a lot. Simple food, good coffee. Just a relaxed way to start into your day. Yours, Pollybert


Dolce Pensiero
1010 Wien, Salzgries 9b
Tel: +43 1 9927462
Mon-Sun: 08:00-18:00, closed on national holidays


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