The flowers of Monteverde

Besides having a really good time in Monteverde, I also manged to enjoy two guided tours. One to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve (La Reserva Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena) and the other was a night walk just around the area of Monteverde. Most of the flowers you will see here are from the Cloud Forrest. There are definitely no pictures from the night walk here, as it was too dark and wet.

What surprised me most were the sometimes really colorful flowers of Monteverde. Almost all seem to be endemic, at least the tiny ones are so different from anything I have seen so far. The cloud forest is a real treasure trove for flowers. Yours, Pollybert

Hibiscus @Monteverde

looks almost like a Christmas tree in red @Monteverde

how the ‘Christmas trees’ flowers grow @Monteverde

wafer-thin silky flowers @Monteverde

flower growing on a tree next to some moss @Monteverde

not sure what this bud will be @Monteverde

the most delicate flowers @Monteverde

tiny white flowers @Monteverde

a stem with white flowers @Monteverde

looks more like berries @Monteverde

white snowball flowers @Monteverde

tiny white flowers surrounded by purple leaves @Monteverde

redish buds, white flower @Monteverde

looks like a small eggplant @Monteverde

these flowers reminded me of a chemical element @Monteverde

red flowers @Monteverde

not sure if this is a flower bud or the seed capsule @Monteverde

yellow flower bud @Monteverde

pink flower @Monteverde

tiny yellow flower @Monteverde

a row of white flowers @Monteverde

the looks of a bell flower with the coloring of an orchid @Monteverde

the colors go from yellow to red @Monteverde

very interesting kind of flower @Monteverde

white flowers again @Monteverde

a flower bomb @Monteverde

two colored balls of flowers @Monteverde

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