Enjoying a couple of days in Tamarindo

Tamarindo, or Tamagringo as the locals call it, came highly recommended. This was the reason why I booked myself into a small boutique hotel to get the most out of my last couple of days. Tamarindo was the last stop on my epic Costa Rica trip and a real beach vacation location. I needed some time to recharge, without sightseeing or traipsing around. Just the beach and nothing else. But honestly, Tamarindo is not the right place for that.

It’s supposed to be a cool surfer spot but all the backpackers on my trip told me that it was full of American tourists. Hence the nickname. But it’s also a party spot. Maybe not the worst thing after two quiet weeks, just not exactly what I had in mind. I had really splurged with my ‘adults only’ hotel, called Tamarindo Bay. I even upgraded my room later to one with a balcony although I thought that was exactly what I had already booked. But whatever, the days in Tamarindo were my holidays. Everything before was traveling. Now I had my days of rest.

a bird on my balcony @Tamarindo Bay Hotel

But rest was hard to come by. This little yellow bird flew several times per day, especially in the early morning, against my balcony door. It bashed its head against the glass and then sat dazed on the chair in front and defecated on it. But also arriving in Tamarindo came as a bit of a shock. It was so unlike Montezuma, full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, boutiques, and especially full with people. It was exactly as everybody else said. Or rather not said. It was not a great choice for some relaxing last days. Never mind, I had made my bed and must now lie in it.

view from my room @Tamarindo Bay Hotel

The first day I walked to the beach, stopped underneath the first tree I saw and stayed there until hordes of teenagers drove me off. Still it was nice enough for an afternoon.

first afternoon on the beach @Tamarindo

But for the next two days, my last days on the beach in Costa Rica, I needed something better. Less people and more relaxation. From the hotel I got the tip to walk all the way to the end of Tamarindo beach, where I would find what I was looking for. So after breakfast I trusted the advice of the hostess and left for a quiet day on the beach. And it’s true, Tamarindo beach has some really lovely spots without a lot of people. Of course, I could have just gone to another beach, but that would have defied the purpose. I chose Tamarindo exactly for the reason to stay put in one place. So I really wanted to make the best of it.

all the way at the end @Tamarindo beach

And the next day from even a bit further down the beach.

relaxing in the shade @Tamarindo beach

What I liked best though about Tamarindo was the sunset. This was the only location on my trip which had an excellent sunset and I took full advantage of it. Both evenings, even though the sky threatened rain, I stayed until dusk and waited for the sun to set. That was definitely worth it. Yours, Pollybert

sunset @Tamarindo beach

great spot for a beer and sunset watching @Tamarindo beach

the sky is on fire @Tamarindo beach

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