Breakfast at Neni am Prater

Neni was once a single restaurant at the Naschmarkt, until it started to turn into a chain. Despite that Neni am Prater opened already a while ago, I never managed to come for meal until now. So in search of a new breakfast place, I made a reservation at this location. Finding the address was easy enough, but actually finding the restaurant was more difficult. Turns out, Neni am Prater is a hotel restaurant and located on the top floor.

the hotel with Neni am Prater on top @Wien

stylish indoor seating @Neni am Prater

when it’s sunny the view is better @Neni am Prater

The menu was interesting with different Mediterranean dishes which included avocado toast. I remember from Israel that there was a lot of avocado around. We ordered coffee and our breakfast dishes,  red Shakshuka for my friend and Anatolian eggs for me. One thing I noticed right away was, that the espresso was cold. I got two cups and not one of them was hot or at least warm. There is this Austrian saying that cold coffee makes beautiful. But I always felt that this refers to the dregs in the cup and not to a freshly brewed one. But whatever.

cold coffee and breakfast @Neni am Prater

Anatolian eggs are poached eggs on dill yogurt. So now I had cold coffee and cold eggs. The dish was tasty though, and I knew before what I was getting. But the bread was not fresh. Maybe it can be toasted, so that at least the bread would be warm to scoop up your eggs.

Anatolian eggs @Neni am Prater

My friend was less impressed with his red Shakshuka. The first thing he mentioned was the size of the pan. Both of us had the feeling that it was way smaller than what we had at the other Neni restaurant. Maybe cost cutting had already lead to smaller dishes at Neni? He got his meal with the optional Merguez (a Moroccoan sausage) and it looked enticing. His only comment though was that he had had better Shakshuka before. Since I didn’t try it, I cannot add anything.

red Shakshuka with Merguez @Neni am Prater

You definitely need a reservation when coming to Neni am Prater. Since it is a hotel restaurant there are only a limited number of tables available. Service was quick and attentive, which made me wonder even more how the coffee could arrive cold. Yours, Pollybert


Neni am Prater
1020 Wien, Perspektivstraße 8
Tel: +43 1 904343950
Mon: 07:00-15:00, Tue-Thu: 07:00-24:00, Fri: 07:00-02:00, Sat: 08:00-02:00, Sun: 08:00-15:00

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