Okra Izakaya – update

Summer seems like far away, especially looking at these pictures from Okra Izakay. But the evening I had here was already in fall. Which is easily to deduct since we were eating Ramen. I love myself a good Ramen when the weather turns. The one time I was at Okra Izakaya, I sat inside and ate a lot of different sushi rolls. This time time it was still fine enough for outside.

outdoor seating @Okra Izakaya

We started with a bowl of kimchi and edamame to share. The kimchi was lovely, spicy and nicely fermented. Such a crowd pleaser, always a winner.

kimchi @Okra Izakaya

Same goes for the edamame. There is much that can go wrong with them (under- and overcooked, not enough seasoning) but when done right, always a great starter like they where here.

edamame @Okra Izakaya

We got two different Ramen, a vegan version (not for me) and one with pork belly. The vegan version had miso, tofu, spinach leaves, bamboo, and snow peas.

vegan Ramen @Okra Izakaya

The pork belly Ramen had an additional half of a hard-boiled egg, but no spinach leaves. The rest of the ramen content looked about the same. Which makes sense, because we were both extremely happy with the ramen. So tasty and I especially loved that there was no grease factor despite the pork belly. I wanted to lap it all up. Delicious!

pork belly Ramen @Okra Izakaya

Service at Okra Izakaya was friendly and quick. We had a beer in no time. It was really nice to see that this restaurant hasn’t lost any of its shine. Yours, Pollybert


Okra Izakaya
1020 Wien, Kleine Pfarrgasse 1
Tel: +43 699 17527190
Email: hallo@okra-izakaya.at
Tue-Sat: 17:00-23:00

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