La Brochette du Boucher

On our first evening in Le Mans we went to La Brochette du Boucher, recommended by our host. It was right around the corner from our apartment and across from the city hall of Le Mans.

outdoor seating @Le Brochette du Boucher

We ordered the menu, which is always the best value for money in France. It was my re-introduction to French cuisine and I noticed that France is not a great place for vegetarians. Not that I am one, but even I started to miss my veggies after this week. But on that first evening I was still happy with all the meat.

We got the famous rillettes with fois gras, a meaty spread with goose liver. A ‘light’ dish to start with. Of course we had wine with every meal, because when in France what else is there to drink?

Rillettes with fois gras @La Brochette du Boucher

Also, no wonder everyone drinks wine with each meal, you need it to digest all the grease. The spread was tasty, I am just not really sure why it is famous. My friend then got the cod, another ‘light’ dish while I went for the specialty ‘La Pavé de Boeuf en Émincé’ again with fois gras. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I only knew I had ordered sliced beef. Whatever that meant.

The ‘light’ cod, even though steamed, was slathered in a creamy white sauce with a side of rice, thick cut french fries, and mashed potatoes with mushrooms. The chive on top provided the singular vegetable nod except for the almost unidentifiable mushrooms in the mash. My friend loved it though. As I came to learn on this trip, there can never be enough butter in a sauce.

the steamed cod @La Brochette du Boucher

My ‘La Pavé de Boeuf en Émincé’ looked similar except in relation to the side dishes, just that I didn’t get any extra rice. Only the fries and the mash. Plus of course the fois gras on top, extra sauce, and two halves of a cherry tomato. Hurrah for so many veggies on my plate!

la pavé de boeuf en émincé @La Brochette du Boucher

But honestly vegetables are overrated, because this was wonderful. Rich and creamy and the meat delicious with a hint of pink. I later saw that you eat it slice by slice and not cutting through it, like I did. Never mind though, it was all excellent.

Since all the butter in the sauce was not enough, my friend got the French toast, or as they call it in France ‘Le Pain Perdu’. Served with ice cream on top, it ended the meal on a high note. For a first evening, we definitely picked a winner.

French toast @La Brochette du Boucher

I can still remember this meal after all this time, and that’s saying something.The French cuisine in the area might not be light, but it’s definitely tasty. So if you are ever in Le Mans, give La Brochette du Boucher a try. You might want to reserve though, the place was busy and we had to sit inside. Yours, Pollybert


La Brochette du Boucher
72000 Le Mans, 12 Pl. Saint-Pierre
Tel: +33 2 43142574
Tue-Sat: 12:00-14:00; 19:00-22:00


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