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Sometimes you enter a place and are smitten with it right away. Fratelli Valentino is such a place (recently happened also at Sip Song Bar). The two brothers Fratelli come from the south of Italy, but have been in Vienna long enough to understand the fondness of Austrians of everything Italian. So now they produce Mozarella, Burrata, Ricotta, and other great cheesy things with milk from right outside of Vienna. Because the best things don’t need to be far away.

If you want to support a local business or just need the Italian aperitivo feeling here in Vienna, then Fratelli Valentino is the right place for you. The place was packed when we arrived, but there were two spots at the bar which we claimed. After such a long time during which we all shunned the company of others, it takes a while to get used to tiny places being full of people. But honestly, it was fabulous (see here).

The menu is simple. A couple of ‘piatti’ (plates) in various sizes with every available cheese and pickled veggies, and focaccia with tomatoes. We got our bearings over beers and ‘Pippo’, a gin drink named after the dog of one of the owners.

here comes ‘Pippo’ @Fratelli Valentino

After that one I definitely needed something to eat, so we ordered a ‘grande piatto‘. There was Mozarella, Stracciatella (not the ice cream), Scarmorza, Burrata, Mozarella roll filled with ham and arugula, fresh Ricotta, olives, pickled artichokes and chanterelles and peppers, as well as a wonderful red pepper jam. Along with a large bread basket to wipe up all that good olive oil and whey. A feast was awaiting us and there was enough on it to make for a good base for the following drinks. So, so good!

grande piatto @Fratelli Valentino

I ended the evening with another drink, something with curcuma in the mix drink. Whatever it was, it was delicious.

curcuma drink @Fratelli Valentino

In short, I cannot recommend Fratelli Valentino enough. The cheese was to die for and I will definitely make Fratelli Valentino the cheese monger of my choice when it comes to Italian cheese. There is nothing better around Vienna. But also the atmosphere at this place in the evening transports you to your last holiday spot in Italia. This is the real deal. Yours, Pollybert


Fratelli Valentino
1090 Wien, Alser Straße 36
Tel: +43 699 15022707
Tue-Sat: 12:00-22:00

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