Breakfast at Joseph Brot Bistro – update

My last visit to Joseph Brot Bistro in 2018, at least the one I reviewed, doesn’t sound as if I enjoyed it. Which is weird because I have been back in the intervening years. Mostly to eat their eggs Benedict. Joseph Brot Bistro is, in my opinion, the only place in Vienna where you can get them with a real English muffin. So let’s see if anything has changed. The bistro still doesn’t take reservations. So either you are there early or be prepared to wait for a table. Notably in winter.

it was packed when we left @Joseph Brot Bistro

In any case, arriving at 9am guarantees you a table though. It’s still early and no crowds were in sight. Which was great because the tables are quite close to each other and privacy is only for the faint at heart. Service was quick though and we got our coffee and breakfast before the neighboring tables got occupied. A word of warning: if you drink your coffee black, the one here is rather on the sour side. Maybe that’s why it arrived with a sweet treat on the side?

espresso @Joseph Brot Bistro

As mentioned maybe before, I love eggs Benedict and so that’s what I ordered. They were perfect! Two poached eggs nestled on a bed of ham on top of a toasted muffin. A generous scoop of sauce Hollandaise, a sprinkle of cress, and the toasted muffin top finished the look.

eggs Benedict @Joseph Brot Bistro

What a spectacular dish! The sauce had the right acidity, a generous amount of good quality ham, nicely poached eggs, and the muffin toasted. This is how eggs Benedict are supposed to taste. I really enjoyed my eggs and with the last of the muffin top I cleaned the plate. Finger licking good!

The second breakfast dish was the Joseph Brunch Burger with Bacon. It looked fabulous as well but got a complaint about the herbal mayonnaise on the bottom half of the bun. Apparently it didn’t work with the rest. The rest though was excellent and was very much appreciated.

Joseph Brunch Burger with Bacon @Joseph Brot Bistro

As much as I loved the eggs Benedict, it pains me to say that the bistro hasn’t improved in the atmosphere department. This is not a place where you want to linger. Which is really aggravating since the prices for everything here have soared to staggering heights. I’ve never eaten more expensive eggs Benedict. And while they are a treat, you are not going to treat yourself often. Yours, Pollybert


Joseph Brot Bistro
1030 Wien, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4
Tel: +43 1 7102881
Mon-Fri: 08:00-19:00, Sat: 08:00-18:00, Sun: 08:00-17:00 (kitchen times vary)

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