What I learned in 2022

Honestly I thought the worst was behind us, but 2022 still had it in it for us. Even the Queen didn’t make it out alive. So many international crisis make one quite depressed, come to think of it. Especially with the ongoing Russian War in Ukraine, something I feel deeply. All the more so since I traveled to Kyiv in 2019 and loved my time there. Despite the problems on the international front, there were also problems on the home front. And I am not just talking about the the never-ending dismal Austrian chat affair. Coming back to the Queen once again, I would call 2022 an ‘Annus horribilis‘.  “2022 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure.”

Even though I traveled a lot, there was always some focus on what went on at home. So while I experienced wonderful adventures, there was also deep personal loss. I am glad we can all start a new chapter in 2023. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Never drink draught beer in any place, because no one ever cleans the pipes. You should stick to bottled beer as I learned from an industry insider.

2.) I am quite happy to report that, when it comes to a crisis, I keep calm and carry on. Never thought I had it in me.

3.) It’s fun to meet friends from overseas on their own turf, but also great to welcome them in your own city.

meeting friends @Weinskandal – R&Bar

4.) Sometimes you have the best night in the smallest place.

out with the bff @Sip Song Bar

5.) I like to spend my summer in the city by staying home and getting out of the heat. But when a boat ride beckons I leave my couch.

on the Danube @Austria

6.) Traveling, either on my own or with friends, is what makes me truly happy. This year I managed three weeks in Costa Rica, a week in France and Greece, and long weekends in Liechtenstein, Kent, Ljubljana, Belgrade, and Scotland. Let’s see what trips the new year will bring!

7.) Time is precious. Spend it with your friends and family and enjoy every moment. Even when they irritate and annoy you. There will be a moment when it might be too late to catch up. So share a meal, and drinks, and laughter.

8.) Sometimes you need a push to do things that you fear the most. It feels good to conquer one’s fears and a big thank you to all the pushy people in my life.

9.) Even though it looks as if I haven’t read a lot in 2022, I did. It’s only that I read romance novels and other what not, which I didn’t want to put on my reading list. But I needed something to escape reality and these books were excellent helpers.

10.) I might not mention it enough, but the people in my life are wonderful. So happy to call you all my friends! I love spending time with you and look forward to seeing more of you in 2023.

11.) Being emotional doesn’t mean that what I say is wrong!

12.) Forever in my heart.

forever friends @Vienna

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