Our history trip was planned as an eco-friendly one, so after the Sunday market in Le Mans we took the train to Angers St. Laud and from there to Saumur. We needed to stop overnight here to catch a bus the next day to our next destination. Saumur is probably not a place you know, at least I didn’t, but it is in the Loire valley and has a castle overlooking the river. But who cares about the Loire valley and it many castles when you are in search of the Plantagenets?

Of course we cared, I am always up for seeing a castle! Especially since the castle is in prominent view when you walk into town from the train station. But first you cross the Loire over an old looking bridge.

crossing the Loire @Saumur

the town of Saumur with its castle @Saumur

The Château de Saumur sits on top of a little hill, overlooking the Loire and some vineyards, which you can only see once you get close. My friend had already mentioned that the inside of most castles was disappointing, she knew that from a previous Loire castle tour. Still, I wanted to make the tour. And what can I say, I should have listened. There is not much left to see inside the Château de Saumur, and the permanent exhibition of dishes was also not my favorite. But from the outside it was quite impressive.

getting close @Château de Saumur

the castle up close @Château de Saumur

looking out over Saumur and the Loire @Château de Saumur

Personally I liked Château de Saumur best from a bit further away, while sipping a glass of wine. Because once outside we made a beeline to snack bar behind the castle and had a well deserved glass. From here we had a lovely view on the castle.

the castle from the back @Château de Saumur

Saumur didn’t have much more to offer, except for the bridge over the Loire. It looked really pretty at night, just before sundown.

bridge over the Loire @Saumur

The next day we left with the Agglo bus number 1 at shortly after noon to the Abbey Fontevraud. Yours, Pollybert

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