Breakfast at Stadtboden

The last day of the year 2022 fell on a Saturday and was therefore just another morning to go for breakfast. We met downtown and went to Stadtboden, which is actually pub kind of place with lots and lots of different beers on display. I had made a reservation beforehand, but that was definitely not necessary. From the time we arrived until we left, we were the only people who had entered the pub except for a delivery guy.

inside @Stadtboden

A word of warning: Stadtboden appears to cater exclusively to tourists because the prices here are rather on the steep side (almost outrageous actually). We both got a Shakshuka with two eggs, nothing I usually order but I was in the mood for something warm.

The Shakshuka came in a small cast iron pan on a wooden board. Warm white bread was in a small basket on the side. My friend, who is a Shakshuka aficionado, said right away that it is too liquid. I didn’t mind that, because I soaked it all up with the bread. The taste of cumin came nicely through, but the olives looked uninspired and still had their pit inside. They didn’t do anything for the dish. Overall I liked it, but my friend was not impressed.

Shakshuka @Stadtboden

breakfast @Stadtboden

In conclusion, this was the most expensive breakfast of the whole year, and I can’t say that it was really worth it. Service was nice enough but also not difficult to do so when there is only one table to cater to. Overall, Stadtboden will not be a place I’ll visit again for breakfast. Yours, Pollybert


1010 Wien, Krugerstraße 8
Tel: +43 1 5121637
Mon–Wed: 09:00–24:00, Thu-Sat: 09:00–01:00, Sun: 09:00–24:00

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