The food of Saumur – what and where to eat

Saumur has just a few hotels, so with limited choice we ended at the Sohotel hotel, which sounds a lot better than it was. The hotel had its doors still closed when we arrived at about 2pm and wouldn’t budge until 4pm. So with two hours to kill and our luggage in tow, we headed for the nearest restaurant. Which was easier said than done because most places close after lunch and only open in the evening. But we wanted to get a head start with the food of Saumur.

Eventually we settled on a restaurant with continuous service called ‘Chez Guyonne‘. We got something to drink and I ordered a starter called ‘Assiette de la Mer’. It was already past lunch time anyway. Honestly, I was glad I had settled for a starter, because this was a big plate! Also very tasty! Especially the whelks, something that we don’t really get in Austria.

Assiette de la Mer @Chez Guyonne

a whelk @Chez Guyonne

After an aperitif somewhere on Place St. Pierre we walked back down to the Loire and had dinner at Resaurant La Comédie. We passed this restaurant during our earlier inspection of the town and really wanted to dine here. So happy to report, that we were not disappointed. My friend started with Rilettte de Thon, some kind of tuna paté, that came with a small salad and avocado. She liked it a lot and it was definitely a healthy option.

Rillette de thon @Restaurant La Comédie

I on the other hand ordered Galipette. Galipette are mushroom heads which are too big to be sold apparently. But I honestly don’t understand why they cannot be sold on the market. So here they are stuffed with whatever the chef has on hands. In my case it was scallops. As you can see the galipette are really big since three large scallops sat snugly inside. A very interesting and tasty appetizer.

Galipette Farcie @Restaurant La Comédie

But the big winner was the rabbit in white wine sauce, roasted potatoes, vegetables, and asparagus. Both of us ordered that one as a main dish. Rabbit is something you can find rarely on Austrian menus,  so when you have the chance, you must seize it.

rabbit in white wine sauce @Restaurant La Comédie

Since it was a rainy morning the next day and our bus to the Abbey Fontevraud only left around noon, we spent the morning in search of sustenance. We didn’t want to eat at the hotel, not that it looked very interesting anyway. We had seen the Boulangerie Patisserie LM Gouzy the day before, but had no room for dessert then. The idea was to start into the day with something really delicious. So we came for coffee and cake.

We got a chocolate ‘Religieuse’, a cream puff, and a lemon cake, as well as, with the second cup of coffee, a Madeleine. Honestly, the perfect food to spend your calories on! Yours, Pollybert

cake for breakfast @Boulangerie Patisserie LM Gouzy

coffee with Madeleine @Boulangerie Patisserie LM Gouzy

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