The doors of Saumur, Fontevraud, Chinon, Poitiers, and Tours

The doors I cam across while on my history tour following the footsteps of the Plantagenets are simple stunning. Some are really old and some are fairly new. What’s on display here gives a good overview how the doors in the area look like. Most of them are made of wood, some have little statues guarding them, others have flowers winding around them. All of them were fascinating. I really hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did. Yours, Pollybert

PS: The last two pictures are from Paris.

a beautiful door inside the Château de Saumur @Saumur

same same, but different @Poitiers

almost overgrown by roses @Fontevraud

delicate iron grille door @Poitiers

a typical door of the region @Chinon

blue doors @Poitiers

entrance to the medical university @Poitiers

looks almost like the fleur-de-lys @Poitiers

lions holding up the balcony above @Poitiers

In the medieval part of Tours the doors were smaller again and sometimes guarded by statues. Or maybe it was a sign from former times indicating the profession of the person who lived here.

interesting statue guarding the door @Tours

The next one is not so much about the door, but rather about the red portal. But also the details of the portal itself are amazing.

a door with a red portal @Tours

The door below belongs to a townhouse of a rich merchant. It was constructed in the late 15th or early 16th century.

wonderful portal from the early 16th century @Tours

Here is also a close-up of the rope detail on the left hand side of the portal. I found it fascinating.

the ropes in detail @Tours

I think the door below was the most remarkable one. Certainly not an old door, but just look at it. Isn’t it fascinating?

the most fascinating door on this trip @Paris

And last but not least a door not knocker the looks of which I cannot deprive you off. Doesn’t it look great? Or better yet, he?

a remarkable door knocker @Paris

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