Breakfast at Zimmerservice – update

My one and only meal at Zimmerservice happened already more than two years ago. At the time I was not duly impressed, but I wrote that I would come again at a later time. So here we are, back to see if  time can make a difference.

The restaurant was almost empty when we arrived at 9am, with one other table being occupied. Of course our table was right to this one, so that the rest of the place was empty. But unlike last time Zimmerservice filled up pretty quickly. It seems that people know, that there is an all-day breakfast place in the area.

dining room @Zimmerservice

What hasn’t changed at all is the smell. Upon entering the restaurant smelled a lot of freshly baked croissant, on the whole a rather sweet smell. This changed quickly enough to fried bacon again. So here we go again, the open kitchen concept and its increased olfactory impact is still not under control.

My friend ordered the same sandwich as last time, the All in One sandwich with lots of ham, bacon, cream of peas, salad, cucumber, melted cheese, and a fried egg between two slices of toasted sourdough bread. Here as well nothing has changed. You can’t eat the sandwich by hand. The sharp steak knife cuts through the crusty bread eventually, but it’s overall too thick to difficult to cut into bite-sized bits. But the problem was the taste, which is mostly cucumber interestingly enough. Again, the ham and bacon got lost somewhere in the sandwich. Definitely not a winner. 

All in One sandwich @Zimmerservice

I on the other hand learned from past mistakes and ordered one of their breakfast combinations. I think it was called ‘Einzelzimmer‘ (single room). A typical Viennese breakfast with ham, cheese, one scrambled egg, butter, cream cheese with horse radish, more radish, and two kinds of bread. It looked colorful and definitely appealed to me.

breakfast combination @Zimmerservice

The scrambled egg was the best one I have eaten in a really long time. Delicious, creamy, and perfectly seasoned. The same goes for the rest. The bread was fresh and had a nice crunch, the ham tasty, as well as the radish. My only complaint would be the cut of the hard cheese. It did look great, but was difficult to eat. If you serve a plate like this, I want to make myself a sandwich. How should I do that when the cheese is cut in such a way. I am sure there are better alternatives. Overall though, this was an excellent choice!

Service was friendly and efficient. The coffee got to the table in a matter of minutes. The smell though will keep me from coming back. The name ‘Zimmerservice’ aka ‘Room service’ feels misguided. Kitchen service would hit closer to home. Yours, Pollybert


1080 Wien, Strozzigasse 25
Tel: +43 660 8117908
Tue-Fri: 09:00-22:00, Sat: 09:00-17:00, Sun: 09:00-15:00

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