Us against You by Fredrik Backman: This is definitely not a stand alone book, but very much part two of a trilogy. Even though it was not as fast paced and engaging as ‘Beartown‘, I liked how the story moved forward and what consequences all actions have. Beartown and Hed, the neighboring town, are like a microcosm of  the world. So even though it felt at first that not much was happening, it ended with one main character being dead.


The Other Woman by Sandie Jones: Usually I am really bad a guessing ‘Who had done it’. But with this one, where actually nothing happens, I knew right away, that there was something fishy. So my big regret, although I eventually couldn’t put it down for a while, ‘The Other Woman’ is rather disappointing. The end is obvious and the story line thin. More than once did I ask aloud why Emily, the main protagonist, wasn’t just speaking up. No, can’t say I liked it.


The Winners by Fredrik Backman: The third book in the ‘Beartown’ series was by far the most emotional. I don’t know if it’s because the characters had already grown on me or if the book was really that well written. I just know that I cried a lot while reading it which was kind of weird on the metro. Everyone got their ending or at least a way to atone for their sins. I just missed reading about Maya and ‘Big City’ and their possible future. But nevertheless I loved the series. Overall the style of Backman is a bit repetitive and can be irritating.


Dirty Headlines by L. J. Shen: I am glad the picture here looks so much more PG 13 than the one on my ebook reader. This book was one h*ll of a ride. So much steam and so much spice, I couldn’t put it away even if I had wanted to. So be careful when you pick it up, you must be into that. Otherwise you might get irritated early on, because it starts with a one-night stand and takes off from there.


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